The collaborative art process is like skimming a stone across a pond.

An unusual pebble catches your eye, you weigh it in your hand, launch it with your best shot and hold your breath as you count the bounces before the final ‘plop’.

If the pebble is your story and the bounces are different art-forms then the ‘plop’ is the collaborative performance. The resulting ripples are new projects inspired by the process.

There are stories in every community and so we want to hear from you. Contact us suggesting a story, a school, a day-care centre, and a venue you want to work with. Perhaps you have a potter and a poet but need a puppeteer or an opera singer to tell your story? Thrive can make it happen.

At The Thrive Archive we have an ensemble of professional artists, performers, singers, musicians and makars and our curator will enable tailor made workshops in your community to develop your project and document the process. The creative journey and the resulting performance, gaitherin or exhibition and will feature on The Thrive Archive Website to inform and inspire new projects through social media. Your story gets told, your community takes ownership and the community starts to thrive.


Away Being exhibition photo credit Sheila Masson
Away Being exhibition photo credit Sheila Masson