Stories of Smokey Brae

The focus of our next project is how we can help artists tell their own story.

“An indie arts centre housed in a former Government office block which, despite its daunting exterior, is a hive of creative energy.”

ArtWork, on St Margaret’s House

The Thrive Archive is based at the wonderful St Margaret’s House and is grateful for the support of the inspirational folk who run Edinburgh Palette. The building hosts hundreds of  studios, several unique exhibition spaces, a range of charities – including a whole floor dedicated to the artists at Upward Mobility – as well as a range of holistic therapists and martial artists who keep our creative juices flowing and help us de-stress.

At the Open Doors event on 21st and 22nd October and as part of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, Thrive curator Jan Bee Brown will be celebrating the eclectic mix and the symbiotic relationship between established and emergent artists and the building that nurtures them.

Once a crowded railway depot full of steam locomotives our ‘brutalist building’ was built on the site of a magic well, every studio has a story to tell. So we are now seeking  stories of how so many multicultural artists came to St Mags’, how working in the building has inspired them and how collaboration with other artists facilitated by the supportive nature of the building helps them to develop their practice and cross traditional boundaries in art.

We will be blogging about the project as we build up a head of steam and our story journey will be free so do join us on October 21st from 11am – 4pm for a bit of an adventure!

The Thrive Archive cordially invite you to tell your story
The Thrive Archive cordially invite artists to tell their story