A wee bit of give and take?

The Thrive Archive took part in North Edinburgh’s Open Studios event with Leith Late last weekend and welcomed a great bunch of folk with a range of creative activities.

Carrots for Lapin

As part of our Hearth Heart Earth project there was creative writing as people shared stories of their most memorable meals with us. We also made carrot bunting with our younger visitors for Lapin – our favourite French Rabbit who is planning a new adventure with Tania and her company Le Petite Monde which will start touring in October. Every crafty carrot made was rewarded with a crunchy carrot to eat.

Dad's can sew too!

We also asked people to literally get into bed with us and to chat about how it feels to give and it means to receive. Strangers chatted and discussed this whilst donating a few stitches to our Giving Quilt.

photo 2 copy

Started with the help of our creative neighbours The Edinburgh Quilting Collective we are recycling one of our curator Jan Bee Brown’s art works made for the Liverpool Biennial in 2012. The theme of that particular show was Hospitality and Jan made a series of fabric refugees who travelled through Germany and Holland before finding homes throughout the Britain and Scotland. Postcards were generously donated by the Centre for Regenerative Medicine who are interested in finding creative ways to get a conversation started between scientists, their students and the community.

giving and receiving

We are currently planning our Winter Picnic in January 2016 and to Kick Start a funding campaign so watch this space!