Fortune favours only prepared minds

It has been a busy couple of weeks catching up with various projects in various stages of development.

The FST – Federation of Scottish Theatre – Emporium at Musselburgh led to a series of interesting conversations and opportunities. Following ‘Kiss and Tell’ our day of stories for Syria I received a tip to read ‘Hinterland’ by Caroline Brothers. If you are interested in journeys and the experience of migrants and haven’t read it yet – do so!

This moving journey chimes with our theme of economic migration. How far are we prepared to travel to feed our bairns and what can we learn from those who travelled the road before us?

We are currently on the funding trail for our next project “Come Awa!” which will search out and work with stories about the gutting quines, the herring girls’ annual migration and how the different coastal communities welcomed them as they followed the herring around the coast of Scotland and down the east coast all the way to Yarmouth Town.

May the road rise up to meet us!

Liz Balfour kindly made us a willow creel
Liz Balfour kindly made us a willow creel