Time passes…

A wonderful heart-wrenching exhibition. The empty houses – was all hope gone or was hope transferred somewhere else? The Hallaig slates so rough and misshapen like the island rocks and stones, every word from the soul…time has many dimensions and at the heart of time is the soul.

Another wonderful comment bringing our Away Being exhibition to a close. Time passes and its time to reflect on what made it work. Working with musician and composer Mike Vass and photographers Ian Paterson and John Maher was a pleasure and with sponsorship by Enterprise Music Scotland and Edinburgh Youth Gaitherin Big Band we got to know such a great group of young Trad musicians! You can now see their performance of Coming Home filmed by Charlotte Hathaway who leads them and we wish them every success in the future. Our project was enriched by the generous input of storyteller Allison Galbraith, singer Roxana Vilk, VJ Mettje Hunneman, our guest artists, Isabel Ferrand, Ulrike Oeter, Catriona Taylor and Liz Skulina and last but not least our volunteers and young photographer Yazmin Conn.

Liz Skulina's Coin Stories
Liz Skulina’s Coin Stories

One day soon we’d like to set up a Thrive Archive house band – ‘The Still Thriving Bigger Than You Think Band’  and we certainly need some pipers for our next musical collaboration ‘A Sandwich Short of a Picnic’ which will be linked to our Hearth Heart Earth project.  Are you a piper? Do you have a song or a recipe to share? Fancy marching to a community picnic to celebrate our culinary heritage? Keep in touch!

This dog needs a walk and would like a picnic.
Edinburgh Youth Gaitherin Musicians
Walkies to a picnic?